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Samstag, 02 Mär 2019

00:30 - 01:30 Tunnel

Slikback is a Kenyan DJ and producer. After joining the Nyege Nyege collective in Kampala in mid-2017, he began to develop a unique dark yet accessible sound, drawing from a sonic pallette including footwork, trap, grime and a variety of contemporary underground African club styles. His Debut EP "Lasakaneku" was released in June 2018 by Hakuna Kulala, a Kampala based label exploring new voices from the region.

Since then, his rise has been rapid, including a Boiler Room stream of his show at Nyege Nyege Festival, and a European premiere at Unsound Festival in Poland, where he performed no less than three times. One Unsound set was highlighted by Resident Advisor as one of the 5 key performances the festival. Placed online as an Unsound podcast, the mix was hailed as one of the best of October 2018 by The Guardian, Pitchfork and Crack Magazine.

Slikback continues to create new interesting sounds and collaborate with amazing vocal talents from Kampala. He also has a new project called o g n i k i with polish producer, Morgiana Hz exploring and merging their respective universes.

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