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Sonic Transitions

Friday, 15 Jul 2022

11:00 - 22:00 Mausoleum

Saturday, 16 Jul 2022

12:00 - 22:00 Mausoleum

Sunday, 17 Jul 2022

12:00 - 22:00 Mausoleum

From Friday to Sunday, electroacoustic compositions by several artists will be explored in the Mausoleum. They will be spatialised via three different multi-channel sound systems. The work of Ukrainian artist Alisa Kobzar will be presented on the IKO sound system, while "The ocean I am" consists of texts written in captivity by civil rights activist Maria Kalesnikawa. Also via IKO we can listen to Anna Maly's "Dies Irae", which synthesises voices in an exciting way. Another sound piece is " Dark prospect4_1" by the Graz musicians Gerd Schmidtauer and Paul Wolff aka Stereoist. Using transformation techniques, recorded and synthetically generated sounds are interwoven into complex acoustic shapes. "Holding" is the name of the work conceived for the IKO by Zoë Mc Pherson, who is based in Berlin. It is a space-sound composition that captures the rhythm of two pedestrians. In "Andacht" by utrumque (Gerhard Eckel and Ludvig Elblaus), the IKO leaves its actual role as a reproduction medium and becomes a musical instrument. Through minimalist and pointed gestures, the boundaries between real and virtually simulated spaces become blurred. On the 8 channels of the Cube speakers, the Ukrainian musician and artist Anna Arkushyna will present "Nobody Everybody". In this work, the concept of human rights is questioned in a grotesque and absurd way. Cube speakers will also be staged for the piece "Dialogue opPortunities" by r.Gravlinik. With the help of digital sounds, the importance and simultaneous necessity of communication is explored. Finally, the composer and sound artist Gerriet K. Sharma will make "Simmmrrrrnn (2020)" sound via the compact DIY Ambisonic sound system 393. This will question our perception and reveal how the consumption of new media changes it.

Artist - Title | System

Alisa Kobzar (UA) – The ocean I am | IKO

Anna Arkushyna (UA) – Niemand Jeder | IEM Cubes

Anna Maly (AT) – Dies Irae | IKO

Gerriet K. Sharma (DE) – Simmmrrrrnn | 393

r.Gravlinik (UA) - Dialogue opPortunities | IEM Cubes

Stereoist (AT) – dark prospect4_1 | IKO

utrumque (AT/SE) - Andacht | IKO

Zoe Mc Pherson (DE) – Holding | IKO

In Cooperation with "IEM - Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics" and with "Universalmuseum Joanneum – Institut für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark"

(c) Clara Wildberger

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