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The Elevate Media Archive offers many hours of video recordings of the festival's discourses. From Pamela Anderson and Nimmo Bassey to numerous high-level discussions: The waiting time to the next Elevate can be shortened and anyone looking for inspiration on long summer nights will find what they are looking for here...

In addition to the ARTE programme "Durch die Nacht mit...Pamela Anderson und Srecko Horvat" (here in the archive), which was broadcast in May, the extensive Elevate Media Archive has a lot to look up and discover...

>> Just click here and browse - all information about events and speakers can be found online on the Elevate website.

The media archive goes back to 2008, so you can look up more than 10 years of Elevate discourse. Even after a decade, there are still some highly relevant discussions about climate change, e.g. from 2009.

Summer may come and the next Elevate Festival in Graz will begin on 04 March 2020.

Until then, watch videos and get inspired, because then the waiting time will be reduced and the knowledge will increase. :)

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