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The legendary US Doom Metal Band Sunn O))) presents its first European tour since 2016, including the only Austrian show that will take place at Elevate Festival on 1st of March in 2019. Puce Mary and Robin Fox join the concert night with words, sounds and lights.

In the beginning there was the noise. Or was it words? Maybe lights? On the 1st of March in 2019 you can find out. As part of the upcoming Elevate Festival 2019 three musical extremes will meet in Graz: The Danish experimental musician Puce Mary, the Australian AV-artist Robin Fox and the legendary US-Doom-Metal band Sunn O))). After several years they return to Europe with there new show „Let There Be Drone“. The only concert in Austria will take place at the Elevate Festival. Band founders Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson are part of the show!

Sunn O))) – Live in concert

Sunn O))), founded in March 1998, has definitely influenced the history of music in the last 20 years with there synthesis of drone, metal, minimalism and maximalism. Especially there physically powerful live performances made them famous all around the globe.

Albums like the 1999 published "The Grimmrobe Demos", the classics "Black One" (2006), "Monoliths & Dimensions" (2009), "Soused" (2014) & "Kannon" (2015) as well as the newly published "Downtown LA Rehearsal / Rifftape" (2018) draws tight connections between metal, contemporary art, jazz and minimalism. The basic principle remained the same: Opening space to a maximum of volume and density in an elastically stretchable time. The current cast includes selected guests as well as the power trio Stephen O'Malley (guitar), Greg Anderson (guitar) and longtime band member Tos Nieuwenhuizen (Moog). For 2019, the band has recently announced a new album.

Puce Mary

As much more than just a support act, the Danish experimental musician Puce Mary plays in Graz for the very first time. She recently released her new album "The Drought" (2018) on the renowned Berlin label PAN. At the Elevate Festival she presents her newest album together with acoustic treasures from her magic sound archives.

Robin Fox (AUS) presents Single Origin (live AV)

Australian video artist Robin Fox finally puts the crown of light on top of the evening. He presents the AV-live-show "Single Origin", which premiered in 2017 at Unsound Festival in Krakow. Expact laser beams and sound waves in an irritatingly beautiful symbiosis.

Tickets available now:

Fr, 01st of March 2019, Orpheum Graz

Let There Be Drone (Multiple Gains Stages)

Sunn O))) LIVE in concert

Support Acts:
Puce Mary (DNK, Label: PAN)
Robin Fox (AUS) presents Single Origin (Live-AV)


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