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Economy in Transition - It’s the economy! Which economy?


Saturday, 16 Jul 2022

17:00 - 18:30 Heimatsaal

Whether it's the construction industry or the culture sector, the food trade, or the energy market – the CO2 footprint is too large, the imaginative horizon too small. Even in 2022, it is still standard in universities, companies or in public tenders and contracts to make business calculations without calculating social and ecological follow-up costs. The bill is presented to us by nature and shows: the future is not priced in.

Increasingly economists and entrepreneurs show that there is not one way to do economy and develop proof concepts, that another world is possible. An encouraging panel with founder of the sustainability network in culture and media (Aktionsnetzwerk Nachhaltigkeit Kultur), Jacob Bilabel, Elisabeth Hufnagel of the communal center (Stadtteilzentrum) Graz, the founder of the digital farmers market,, Theresa Imre and David Steinwender, transition towns. The journalist, author, and podcaster Andreas Sator host this opportunity to discover an other world.


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