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Generations, Identities and New Alliances - How Much in Common Does the Common Cause Need?


Thursday, 02 Mar 2023

14:30 - 16:00 Heimatsaal

"The greatest and most important problems of life are all fundamentally soluble with action" - Hannah Arendt.

This panel discussion on activism, alliances and social movements allows our panelists to dive deeper into the topic of social movements and challenges of activism. With perspectives from climate activist and author Lena Schilling, co-initiator of the protest camp against the Lobau tunnel, art and cultural theorist Jörg Scheller, author of the book "(Un)check your privilege", and social scientist, DJ and promoter Romualdo Ramos, who combines evidence-based research and club culture to highlight their relevance for the creation of communities.

What challenges do group identities and privilege present in creating effective alliances? How do generational conflicts and identity politics play a role in the formation of unlikely alliances? What is the impact of the idea of unification through alien invasion on activism and social movements? The panel discussion is moderated by Daniel Landau, co-organizer of the #YesWeCare, conductor, teacher, founder and member of numerous initiatives on the subject of education.

This event is part of "New Perspectives for Action" A project by Re-Imagine Europe, a collaboration between Paradiso and Sonic Acts (NL), Elevate Festival (AT), A4 (SK), INA GRM (FR), Borealis (NO), KONTEJNER (HR), RUPERT (LT), Semibreve (PT), Parco d'Arte Vivente (IT), Disruption Network Lab (DE), BEK (NO), Kontrapunkt (MK) and Radio Web MACBA (ES). Co-funded by the European Union.

Re-Imagine Europe

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