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Not Just Another Word – Free (digital) Speech and Regulation


Friday, 03 Mar 2023

14:30 - 16:00 Heimatsaal

"Freedom is the recognition of no-limits and the responsibility this imposes" - Ursula Le Guin

The digital realm has had a profound impact on democracy and freedom of speech. This panel delves into the topic of digital technology's impact on democracy and freedom of speech. Our panelists bring into this contested terrain of free speech and regulation the perspectives of human rights, investigative journalism and media studies. 

Eliska Pirkova, is a human rights lawyer and policy advisor on the digital services act, who focuses on freedom of expression and protection of digital rights. Sylke Grunwald, is a journalist and initiator of, who investigates power and technology from a feminist perspective, and Michael Bosetta, Assistant Professor who specializes on the interplay of social media and politics, and hosts the Social Media and Politics Podcast. The discussion will be moderated by Julia Herrnböck, who holds a PhD in Media Studies, and is the Vice President of Reporters Without Borders Austria and editor at the investigative magazine Dossier.

What are the challenges and opportunities posed by the digital realm in today's society? How do we balance the right to freedom of expression with the need for digital regulation? How does the use of social media impact politics and democracy? What role do human rights play in the digital age? 


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