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Missing Links - Missed Opportunities and Blind Spots between Global South and North


Thursday, 02 Mar 2023

16:30 - 18:00 Heimatsaal

This panel discussion highlights geopolitical developments and failures in the relationship between the global South and North in times of advancing hyper-globalization, warlike conflicts over resources and land, and worldwide migration and flight movements. 

The author, journalist and Bachmann Prize winner Ronya Othmann, who deals with the topics of flight, migration, racism and German foreign policy in the Middle East, the sociologist and political advisor Kenan Güngör, who researches integration, diversity and migration-related social change in Austria, as well as the migration researcher Judith Kohlenberger, an expert in the fields of refugee migration and integration and author of the book "Das Fluchtparadox" ("The Flight Paradox"), will discuss the topic. Together, they will clarify concepts and look for meaningful alliances and opportunities for the future. The panel discussion will be moderated by Julia Herrnböck, media scientist, editor at the investigative magazine Dossier and vice president of Reporters Without Borders.

This event is part of "New Perspectives for Action" A project by Re-Imagine Europe, a collaboration between Paradiso and Sonic Acts (NL), Elevate Festival (AT), A4 (SK), INA GRM (FR), Borealis (NO), KONTEJNER (HR), RUPERT (LT), Semibreve (PT), Parco d'Arte Vivente (IT), Disruption Network Lab (DE), BEK (NO), Kontrapunkt (MK) and Radio Web MACBA (ES). Co-funded by the European Union.

Re-Imagine Europe

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