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Storytelling Momentum

Saturday, 07 Aug 2021

17:00 - 18:30 Next Liberty

In the contemporary political arena, the war for ‘influence’ has been waged for several years now. From disinformation campaigns carried out on WhatsApp in Brazil by Bolsonaro, French identitarians taking over TikTok, manipulation of Facebook user data by Cambridge Analytica in order to influence the Brexit campaign… The ‘engineers of chaos’ have largely taken over social media, and use it as real propaganda tools. What can be learn from this? How could a virtuous public sphere of information be set up as an alternative to these models? By reappropriating social networks to make it its playground, the new European media Sphera intends to reach out to "Gen Z" to wage this battle of narratives.

As part of Elevate's Sphera Day, some of the project members initiates a discussion to understand how European medias can be a driving force to engage in this battle for influence.

This event is part of the Sphera project.

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