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Hype Williams (uk)

So suffice it to restate that Hype Williams are "an enigma" (Dummy), "elusive" (Paul Lester, Guardian), mischievous (Fact) and "polluted and lascivious" (Pinglewood), let's get over this eventually and come to the music. In a recent review, The Wire's Joseph Stannard has described some of their music as "sweaty, slick and sexy in a slightly soiled and compromised fashion, like unfinished coitus", and that's more or less all it needs to grasp the phenomenon that is this duo. All obvious resemblances to contemporary American hypnagogists aside, Hype Williams' lo-fi and distinctly eclectic approach towards modern pop music is still very unique and among the most amazing stuff you'll come across this year. They've been really active in putting out their music in several formats – be it on vinyl, MP3s sent through email and particularly thru YouTube (they have about one video for every song), while creating general confusion about their own identities and where their music is truly rooted. Hype Williams have released their music on labels like Hippos in Tanks (Onehotrix Point Never, Sun Araw, James Ferraro), De Stijl, Second Layer Records and Hyperdub.

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