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Michael Maier (at)

Michael Maier was born 1983 in Leoben, and was already technology-addicted in school. He chose to study Telematics at the Graz University of Technology. He came in contact with Linux and Open Source software in the first semester. The enthusiasm for Free Software and openness in general is still prevalent in his current projects. He became addicted to OpenStreetMap in 2011. He kick-started the OSM regular's table in Graz and helped to grow the community here significantly. He decided to do OSM for a living, and is now working as a programmer/consultant specializing into OpenStreetMap. In the last years, he also was one of the leading forces in the TransforMap project. In his free time, he is also active in organising the Linuxdays Graz, and is active in the Open Data community in Graz.

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