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Exit Capitalism

Fabian Scheidler's book "The End of the Megamachine" brings to light the roots of the destructive forces threatening the future of mankind today. Investigating five thousand years of human history, the book leads us to the very origins of economic, military and ideological power. The author retraces the prehistory and formation of the modern world-system, which has subjected man and nature to radical exploitation. Dismantling Western progress mythologies, Scheidler shows how the logics of endless capital accumulation have devastated both human societies and ecosystems from the outset – eventually culminating in a planetary crisis.

With the growing instability and looming collapse of the Megamachine in the 21st century however, new possibilities for systemic change open up. In the face of climate chaos, dwindling resources, financial breakdown, and mass poverty, the time has come for a profound transformation of our civilization. 

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