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Public Media Value

Democracy needs information, connections and, more than ever, participation. But how does the media industry respond to this need? Do new services from Google & Co offer solutions to the pressing problems of media users? Or does democracy require more: more transparency, more protection of privacy and more quality in journalism?

Let’s find out. Experts and the interested public will work together to create quality criteria for the digital future of media. Scenarios will be developed for those media hubs that are not mere business models but aim for public media value.

With Klaus Unterberger (General Director/Public Value ORF), experts from Austrian and other public media, plus staff from the University of Salzburg, we will discuss and experiment around these three themes:

INFORM: news and information

CREATE: culture, art and entertainment

CONNECT: alliances and social media

Elevate believes in the importance of media that facilitates democratic participation, that is transparent, that generates public value and, last but not least, that uses its weight as a counterweight to commercial media.

The creative response we conceive together in this workshop will be published and distributed throughout Europe on that same day: the first step towards a new public media we can all be proud of.

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