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Map the Change!

Map Sustainability

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On March the 4th at Forum Stadtpark, as part of the OpenData Days (, we are making alternative coordinates visible at the street-map of Graz, and are collecting sustainable initiatives, organizations and places, and map them into the TransforMap.

Where are alternative economies in Graz? Where are Community Spaces, give-away shops, foodsharing facilities and open repair shops located? Where can I find people in Graz, who stand up for an open and alternative world? The TransforMap is a map, which makes alternative economies visible. We want to collect these places, and create an open data map of a different Graz.   

From 1pm we are introducing the TransforMap and OpenStreetMap applications. In the workshop we will discuss about what the meaning of  ‘alternative’ economies actually is, and collect and map these places/initiatives from Graz into the TransforMap

From 2:30pm a free mapping party is going on – just pass by and enlist your places/initiatives into the TransforMap. And discuss with us about alternatives, open data, your projects and get in touch with other activists.  

No previous knowledge necessary, just bring you local knowledge and/or curiosity about a alternative Graz. Technical equipment and experts for mapping are available.    

In cooperation with Elevate Festival, Open Knowledge Austria, OpenStreetMap and Transition Graz.

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