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Painted by Numbers

A Discursive Installation on Algorithmic Regimes

Opening times: 

Sat.   04.03. 1700-2000 / Vernissage
Tue.  07.03. 1400-1900 
Wed. 08.03. 1400-1900 
Thu.  09.03. 1400-1900
Fri.    10.03. 1400-2200 

6 Channel Video Installation

Painted by Numbers includes experts and scientists from various disciplines as well as artists and activists to enable different perspectives of algorithmic realities. Various aspects of algorithmic regimes are arranged in 6 channels on different screens: Rationality, Prediction, Agency, Regulation, Politics and Culture. Painted by Numbers is a media installation providing an open structure through which participants choose an individual path.

Concept and realization: Konrad Becker / Felix Stalder, World-Information Institute

With: Lorrain Daston (US) Ulrike Felt (AT) Matthew Fuller (UK) Stephen Graham (UK) Seda Gürses (NL) Stefano Harney (SG) Graham Harwood (UK) Mireille Hildebrandt (BE) Reinhard Kreissl (AT) Steven Kurtz (US) Astrid Mager (AT) Katja Mayer (AT) Frank Pasquale (US) Barbara Prainsack (UK/AT) Peter Purgathofer (AT) Bernhard Rieder (AT/NL) Saskia Sassen (US) Trebor Scholtz (US) Bruce Sterling (US) Francisco Webber (AT)

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