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Speculative Capital

Institute of Human Obsolescence

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Sat.   04.03. 1800-2000 / Vernissage
Tue.  07.03. 1400-1900 
Wed. 08.03. 1400-1900
Thu.  09.03. 1400-1900 
Fri.    10.03. 1400-2200  

Machines are outing us. As some time ago happened to horses after the invention of the steam engine, humans are becoming obsolete to perform manual labor, soon, with the advance of artificial intelligence, it will also affect our possibilities to be useful workers performing intellectual labor.

In a labor market dominated by machines we must re-position our role in society. The Institute of Human Obsolescence researches the possibilities of how to cope with a labor market dominated by machines by developing new relationships between human and machine and new dynamics of creation of value in a post-work scenario.

A single human body at rest radiates 100 watts of excess heat. Normally that energy is wasted. Using thermoelectric generators we convert the temperature differential between the human body and the ambient into usable electricity. The electricity generated is fed to a computer that produces cryptocurrency.

In order to maximize the amount of capital produced, instead of mining the currently most valuable cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) we mine recently created cryptocurrencies (Altcoins) that still hold a low value in the market, therefore having a potentially big space for growing in value.

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