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Wikipedia Criticism

On the path to an "Orwellian Ministry of Truth"?

It is unfortunately noticeable that in Wikipedia many articles about contemporary events and people in public life have become very one-sided. At the same time, accounts have been discovered in several countries that are almost exclusively dedicated to the rewriting and "cleansing" of political articles. In addition to concrete cases, the lecture is dedicated to the causes that led to this degeneration of the former hope of humanity Wikipedia. Should Wikipedia really be used as a reference against "fake news" in the future? It is argued that such an attempt to define truth carries the seed of totalitarianism. How can we defend ourselves against it? How does one arrive at a realistic view of the world in a postfactual age? Although there is no patent recipe for finding the truth, it is still possible to expose manipulative argumentation and demand evidence - with an unbiased use of one's own mind.

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