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I GONG by Zanshin

The audio installation "I Gong" by musician and artist Gregor Ladenhauf aka Zanshin, set up in the Chinese pavilion, makes the "I Ching", the Book of Changes, sound with the help of a gong. The I Ching represents one of the oldest binary systems and functions as an oracle. In reference to the hexagrams appearing in it, a specially programmed system will make a large gong sound by means of several electromechanical mallets. New hexagrams are continuously calculated, which are transformed into rhythmic and dynamic values, resulting in an endless composition - a contemplative, constantly changing sound sculpture.

This installation has been realised in cooperation with: Institut für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark.

This Installation is part of Re-Imagine Europe.

Re-Imagine Europe

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