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Irina Nalis (at)

Irina Nalis holds a PhD in psychology, is a cyclist, reader and techno veteran. 

As an interdisciplinary scientist, she is part of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Recommender Systems at the Vienna University of Technology/Faculty of Computer Science, where she searches for ways out of the filter bubble. 

With the architecture firm Mostlikely, she develops new urban infrastructures (Common Spaces) and works on strategies for sustainability in the construction industry. In addition, as honorary chairwoman of the association GIN and managing partner of the non-profit GIN GmbH, a large supporting organization in Vienna for the assistance of people with disabilities, she is jointly responsible for creating framework conditions for self-determination in the sense of "as much support as necessary, as little support as possible".

As a transformational psychologist, she believes in human possibilities and sees psychology as a science with great empirical treasures. Yet, what is particularly important to her, is to not (ab)use psychology as a marketing engine for ego-agents, but as a source of self-determined change for individuals, organizations and societies. This includes bridging individual competencies with structural, systemic questions and strengthening the change muscle with a loving and potential-oriented view of the human kind. 

Irina is an ambassador of the Vienna Manifesto for Digital Humanism and tries to dance the ambivalence, every day.

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