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Emilie Škrijelj (fr)

Friday, 05 Mar 2021

23:00 - 23:30 Ö1

The pioneer of accordion electroacoustics Emilie Škrijelj manipulates and plays her instrument down to its smallest folds. Between turntablism, modular synths and field recordings, she transposes the accordion into the abstract dimension(s) of electronic music, whose contours and ends she explores and merges.


How is the overall vibe in your city?

I live in a small village "Scy-Chazelles" near Metz, it is very calm like always. Maybe I can notice that there are more townspeople during the weekend  who take a walk in the surroundings forest. When I discuss with people, everyone begins to no longer put up with the curfew at 6 p.m. and the lack of cultural life.

Can you elaborate a bit on the mood you’ve been in, while recording your set?

I recorded this piece mid february, the spring was already sarting. More light, more softness. It's always comforting the beginning of the spring... I think this piece was a kind of repair of the harshness of the winter and the situation. 

How do you feel about the overwhelming presence of digital / social media in comparison to the lack of social time IRL?

The overwhelming presence of digital / social media is another pandemic... I have the chance that I am not on any social media. When I met people in the street, I feel that they can't stop talking; we need the langage, we need to connect with other bodies, it's vital. In this crisis, we want to save the biological being but we give up the social being.

Does this at some point influence your musical production? The lack of the crowd? How?

Maybe it has influenced my music pratice. At the beginning of the crisis, it was not a bad thing to slow down, to take time for myself. I took time to experiment new sounds, to use new objects on my instrument in order to extend it, it was exciting. Then, when I understood that this crisis will be longer than few weeks,  I felt less energy, less hope and more anxiety. This fear of the futur could be a little crippling. Fortunately, music helps me to feel alive and active in my life. I read once that it is in the work that people build his shelter.

The Elevate Festival 2021 theme is Momentum. Which social or political cause would deserve more Momentum?



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