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Elevate Festival 2018 Theme: RISK/COURAGE

Everybody takes risks, everybody is courageous! In one way or another every choice we make is guided by an assessment of risk and thus more or less a courageous decision. No risk, no fun, right?

Both characteristics are an integral component of human development and evolution in general. Without risk-takers and courageous minds most people would not be able to enjoy the levels of freedom of expression we have today in our societies. In historical context, a lot has been archived and most of the world enjoys a relatively unprecedented level of peace. Many industrialized and developed nation states offer a great level of security and stability. And Europe as a union is as peaceful as never before since 1945.

At the same time humanity currently risks it's very own existence, facing the threat of potentially devastating effects of climate change. A lot is at stake in the early 21st century and things seem to not go so well: The only remaining superpower is currently in the hands of a mentally ill narcissist accompanied by a gang of generals and bankers. Stories about cyber warfare and terrorism are a daily news favorite. War, torture and famine are still a plague in many places on earth. The exploitation of natural resources and a mass extinction of living species is accelerating exponentially. 

Facing these dire circumstances, humans still have an urge to evolve and make things better. Indigenous water and land protectors form alliances worldwide to resist the corporate exploitation of their land. Artists and whistleblowers often risk their careers to be outspoken. Some activists put their life on the line to save others. Some engage in courageous non-violent resistance or civil disobedience - all for substantial positive change. Solidarity and community building among active people are essential - to join forces and better calculated risks.

The Elevate Festival aims to shed a light on risk-takers, strategies and expressions of creative courage in a worldwide context. There is a lot to learn from the experience of others, calculating risks, as well as getting inspired by courageous and creative artists and activists alike.

Through the We Are Europe festival collaboration, the TodaysArt Festival from The Hague as well as the Reworks Festival from Thessaloniki, will be visiting and co-curating some of the sessions.

Check out the We Are Europe festival cooperation initiative by clicking on the logo below!


- A statement about the festival's invitation for Julian Assange to speak will be published on the date of the full programme announcement!

- The full programme will be announced on January 23rd 2018!

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