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Elevate Festival-Theme: TRUTH

"Believe those who seek the truth, doubt those who find it."
(André Gide, 1952)

In 2016 "post-truth" was chosen by Oxford Dictionaries as their International Word of the Year. Fast forward to 2019: Lies and "Fake News" have been normalised in a slowly eroding level of public discourse. Have appeals to emotion and personal belief become more influential in shaping public opinion than objective facts? What does "speaking truth to power" implicate in 2019?

The Elevate Festival 2019 is dedicated to exploring and debating one of the most important concepts of human society: Truth – and its many (un)secret siblings. Through lectures, debates, workshops and film screenings a variety of topics will be discussed: language, media and journalism; technology and art; the climate crisis and migration, as well as the rise of the extreme right and the politics of secrecy and lies.


Speakers as of 19th of January 2019:

Deena Abdelwahed / Pamela Anderson / Nnimmo Bassey / Siegfried Beer / Doro Blancke / Lisa Blanning / Cornelia Böhnisch / Mathias Bröckers / Alba G. Corral / Judith Denkmayr / Eva Fischer / Lee Gamble / Claudia Garád / Mahsa Ghafari / Clara Ginther / Mathis Hampel / Julia Herrnböck / Srećko Horvat / Tomasz Konicz / Katharina König-Preuss / Ulla Kramar-Schmid / Julia Krüger / Gregor Ladenhauf / Thomas Lohninger / Amanda Machin / Erich Moechel / Thomas Moser / Fiston Mwanza Mujila / Katharina Nocun / Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez* / Andreas Peham / Peter Pilz / Paul Poet / Paul Radu / Anneliese Rohrer / Stefan Schartlmüller / Florian Skrabal / Jan Skudlarek / Alexander Unzicker / Gaby Weber* / Laura Wiesböck / Barbara Wimmer / and many more...
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