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INTRO: Psychology of Risk and Courage

Thursday, 01 Mar 2018

12:00 - 12:45 Forum Stadtpark

International education expert and activist Heather Wokusch gives insight into the psychology of risk and courage, this year's festival theme. Central topics: What deep roots of risk-taking favor or torpedo courage? And how can the natural urge for personal growth impact life’s adversities?

In this multimedia presentation, inspiring personalities from all over the world share their stories: an atomic bomb survivor who found the strength to speak out decades later, a young woman who fled Syria and became a voice for refugees, an activist who did jail time for breaking into a weapons-manufacturing plant, a lawyer empowering women in Nepal’s post-conflict peace-building.

What motivates these people? Is there a shared psychological denominator - independent of demographic or situational factors? Approaches for tackling the great challenges of our time are revealed in this presentation.

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