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TCF (no)

This artist has been co-curated with Insomnia, as part of We are Europe.

TCF is the moniker of Norwegian contemporary artist and musician Lars Holdhus. His work explores themes of code, cryptography and musical composition through the use of visual, sonic, built and written concepts. Holdhus creates a world that draws references from musique concrete, hardstyle, hardcore, poetry and digital artifacts. His practice shifts between art exhibitions and performing music pieces. Some recent exhibitions included Look….No Hands at HHDM in Vienna, Access Speed at Vault in Berlin and Driving Fast Nowhere at Polansky Gallery in Prague. The titles and descriptions of his work are written in cypher text, the key to which is hidden within the piece itself. The first release came out on YYAA tapes in 2013 and was made in a limited edition of 50 copies. His release on Liberation Technologies titled E4 15 C4 71 97 F7 8E 81 1F EE B7 86 22 88 30 6E C4 13 7F D4 EC 3D ED 8B further explores the cryptographic theme, consisting of digital and physical content containing the necessary keys to unlock the full meaning of the work.

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