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Earth Protectors

Indigenous Resistance meets Mur Movement

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The Saami of Sápmi (a vast arctic region stretching over Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia) are the only indigenous people left in Europe and they have been fighting against the destruction of their homeland and culture for centuries. Today they´re still under attack by ruthless extractivist corporations and governments. Aslak Holmberg, activist and member of the Saami Parliament from Njuorggán, will share some of the rich experience of indigenous resistance with workshop participants. Members of the movement to stop the construction of Murkraftwerk, the hydro-electric power plant in the heart of Graz, will share some of their recent experience.

Which strategies and tactics can be successful in David versus Goliath struggles? What can activists from Graz learn from indigenous movements? How can new people join the fight against the destructive forces within our city?

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