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Freitag, 05 Mär 2021

23:00 - 00:00 FM4

Der finnische Musikproduzent und DJ Sansibar schreibt in seinen Techno-Tracks das Sound-Kontinuum von Underground Resistance fort. Seine funkelnden Nummern sind getragen von kosmischen Synths, dynamischen Bass-Lines und präzise gesetzten Vocal-Samples. Das Resultat sind elegante, ausgewogene Dance-Tracks.


How is the overall vibe in your city?

Relaxed, quiet and dark, but the spring is knocking.

Can you elaborate a bit on the mood you’ve been in, while recording your set?

I tried to capture a microcosm of stuff that’s been influential to me in the past month or so.

How do you feel about the overwhelming presence of digital / social media in comparison to the lack of social time IRL?

Exhausting and boring to be frank. And the cold winter is not making things easier. Luckily there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Does this at some point influence your musical production? The lack of the crowd? How?

I’ve been doing more collaborated projects and band music, since usually I work solo. It has been really great inspiration from the mundane groundhogs day.

The Elevate Festival 2021 theme is Momentum. Which social or political cause would deserve more Momentum?

Structural misogyny and racism.


Lockdown Grooves ist Teil von Re-Imagine Europe, kofinanziert durch das Programm Kreatives Europa der Europäischen Union.
In Kooperation mit FM4.



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