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The Melody Inside

Three brothers, risen from the same passionate blood that now is responsible for each one´s passion for music, grew up in the southern countryside of nowhere. Soundscapes, heavy breaks, relaxed (but never loungy) rhythms combined with a melodic intensity generate a timeless feeling while getting acoustically irradiated with their unique style of music. A feeling everyone can relate to his/her childhood.

Besides the influences of early 90ies electronic, folk, jazz, oldschool hiphop, early jungle, ... they use loads of samples from a huge amount of tapes that they recorded themselves from the mid-80ies to the mid-90ies - self-referentially to involve personal experiences and memories they had during their early record-sessions in their music. Back in those days they created a whole wide and pretty extraordinary spectrum of sounds with tape recorders, percussion stuff, radios, keyboards, guitars, even weird self-made instruments and any other things, as long as they were cheap, exciting and useful.

Meanwhile they left their cocoon and moved to cities like Berlin and Vienna, where metropolic pressure fails to catch them. It seems as if timelines are still meaningless in their music.