Massimo De Angelis: The Beginning of History: Value Struggles and Global Capital

Workshop with Massimo De Angelis (political scientist, author / University of East London, thecommoner.org /UK)

Massimo De Angelis presents the central thesis of his book "The Beginning of History: Value Struggles and Global Capital", which was released in 2007.


Francis Fukuyama may declare the "end of history", and neoliberal capital embraces this belief. However, the diverse struggles for commons and dignity around the planet reveal a different reality: that of the beginning of history. The clash between these two perspectives is the subject matter of this book.

This book analyzes the frontline of this struggle. On one side, a social force called capital pursues endless growth and monetary value. On the other side, other social forces strive to rearrange the web of life on their own terms. This book engages with alternative modes of co-production recently posed by the alter-globalisation movement, and it examines what these movements are up against.

This passionate account explores groundbreaking new critical political economic theory and its role in bringing about radical social change. This book is a must for all political activists and students of political theory.

Comments about the book:

'"The Beginning of History" is a kind of intellectual revolution in itself, both rigorous and exciting.' - David Graeber, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Yale University.

'[This is] a breakthrough book in anti-capitalist theory.' - George Caffentzis, Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Southern Maine.



workshop - language: english; duration: 2h