Music, art, science, free software, media and journalism are included in the wide range of “Commons of the Mind” those commons which originate from human creativity and which are fundamental to the development of culture and progress.

Content, transported via codes or through creative works, can never be generated without the use of (natural, social and cultural) common resources. Be it energy, the investments and institutions of the public education system, knowledge or cultural techniques: what appears to be the result of individual creativity is always a societal product as well.

The worldwide controversies regarding the regulation of access to, and the handling of, knowledge, culture and information constantly provide for headlines. Be it the opposition to the constant expansion of copyright law, the fight against software patents or the energy which digitally connected communities invest into the creation of open encyclopaedias, free software, and various other free cultural, educational and research projects, the issue is omnipresent.

Grüne Akademie

12:00-14:00 CET - workshop: Collecting Societies & Creative Commons with Paul Keller (NL)

17:30-19:30 CET - workshop: History Commons withMichael Tuck (US)


20:30-22:00 CET - ORF Dialogforum - Media Commons - Public Media & Public Value in the 21st century