Kaitlin Thaney

Kaitlin comes to Science Commons with a background deeply rooted in news and policy. Prior to Science Commons, she worked as the communications coordinator for MIT iCampus, a research alliance between the MIT and Microsoft, centered on education technology. She also spent time working as a journalism intern for Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press in Arlington, VA. Prior to that, Kaitlin worked as a correspondent for The Boston Globe's City/Region section. Kaitlin did her undergraduate work at Northeastern University, where she received two degrees - one in journalism and the other in political science. Her interests lie in open access publishing, data sharing and licensing issues, and the burgeoning open science movement. She is based in Boston, Massachusetts.


Science Commons presentation and introduction
language: english; duration: 1,5h

panel discussion: "Commons Of The Mind"
language: english; duration: 2h