Guests of the elevate-festival and workshop hosts were: The creator of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and encryption expert  Philip R. Zimmermann / USA, the founder of the free online enzyclopedia Wikipedia Jimmy Wales / USA, the political scientist teaching in Mexico and author John Holloway / Ireland, the journalist, director and media-guerrilla Stephen Marshall / USA, the journalist Paulo Moura from Portugal, the political scientist and economist MMag.a Dr.in Gabriele Michalitsch / Vienna

Dälek // Waxolutionists // Attwenger // Puppetmastaz // JFB pres. Abstractivity // Linkmen // Mafia Entertainment // Dero // MC Beardyman // Throwdown Girls // Aggressive Snail Attack // Hailaends // Sind & Essen // Naos // Minime // Marek // Autechre // DMX Krew // µ-Ziq // Hrvatski // N>E>D // Alive // zvonko // Mimu // LUX // Basteroid // Jake Fairly // Bitz & Pushmann // M.A.R.S & Haadrian // Paradox // Equinox // Kodini // Kulix // SlickDevlan // rec7 // Bust The Box DJs // chfs // dd kern // The (International) Noise Conspiracy // Mediengruppe Telekommander // The Cribs // Psycho Path // Clockwork Orange // The Scarabeusdream // The Famous Band Lasch // Midgard // Antimaniax // Forever Ends Tonight // Surviving the Sunset // Astpai // Perishing Mankind // Ellen Allien // Abe Duque // Modeselektor // Kamuflaas Digital // Illinoise // Ella Esque & Emanuel[RT] // Evol Intent // Exile // DJ Hidden & EYE-D // Shroombab // Zeck // Dan Doormouse // Jason Forrest aka. Donna Summer // Monster Zoku Onsomb! // Hecate // C.Fringeli // Electric Kettle // Parasite // Rotator // Eiterherd // Any Maniac // Naritia // Anakissed // Cheever // e.stonji // Winterstrand // Lenz & Vocalist Claudia Hemmer // Schauer // Terocal


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elevate the debate!

Also in 2006 elevate was not just about music, but also about  political discourse and knowledge. It was a gathering of forward thinking activists and initiatives as well as a playground for new ideas and projects. Topics such as „guaranteed basic income“, „free media / public television and radio / perspectives of digital technology“ and „digital video streaming and distribution“, were presented and discussed in a relaxed atmosphere. Independent organisations and all kinds of activists were featured and were also incorporated into the planning process of the content of the festival. The festival was and is about encouraging people to think and act politically as well as empowering critical positions.

elevate and create!

Furthermore a lot of workshops are hosted by the elevate festival: Tim Exile's Clevaclox, as well as workshops on Streetart and VJing.

artists: Justice // Uffie + Feadz // Christopher & Raphael Just // Monster Zoku Onsomb!// Tibor Holoda // vj azz // Gustav & Gang // Luke Vibert // Jimmy Edgar // machinedrum // Naos // Winterphonic // Cheever // mimu // Plaid AV with Bob // Clark // Tim Exile // Wisp // X&trick // Photophob // Winterstrand // zvonko // Orjo // Flimmerflitzer // Tadeo // Damian Schwartz // [a]pendics.shuffle // Bitz & Puschmann // Man e faces // Seba // Fanu // DJ Distance // Funk Guru // Rmf // SlickDevlan // rec7 // Team Plastique // miyara supasaiyajin // So und So // Dorian Pearce // Rentokill // With Love // Many Men Have Tried // Dimitrij // Anchors Up // Rex the Dog // Apparat // Kero// Kabelton // M.a.r.s // Claramoto // Illinoise // Lux // Noisia // Outrage // Current Value // Wenshiz b2b Friday13 // Zeck // Bernstein // Otto von Schirach // Drumcorps // Xanopticon // Noize Creator // Gigglin Dildas // tHE nAM sHUB OF eNKI – live // Todesstern // 1Bomb>1Target // Eiterherd // Any Maniac // D.I.S. // B.L.O. & Finna // Naritia // Beardyman // JFB // Dero // Klum Z Tung // Nothing Gold Can Stay // Watch My Dying // Overblood // Chief Rebel Angel // Favourite Game // M-FX & Uciel // KayoZ & GK


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The Elevate festival 2007 addresses different critical views on the topic of democracy through a dense schedule of lectures, discussions, workshops and film screenings. It will be a gathering of forward thinking activists, authors and scientists as well as a playground for new ideas and projects.

The stage will be set for an open minded discourse and intellectual ex-change through talks from a combination of internationally acclaimed guests and local activists, as well as through public interaction in panels and discussions. Three topics over three days – "technology", "media and journalism" and "critique, theory and perspective" offer abundant opportunity for wide participation.

Guests include: the long term U.S. member of congress, Cynthia McKinney; Nieman Fellow in Journalism at Harvard University, and radio news Director turned CNN and Emmy Award winning ABC News Producer, Danny Schechter; filmmaker, Eminem video director, guerrillanews.com founder and activist Ian Inaba from New York; U.S. community Internet pioneer and wireless communication expert Sascha Meinrath; british author Dr. Richard Barbrook; net-activist and co-founder of ‘telepolis’ online magazine, Armin Medosch; the software developer and author  Corinna "Elektra"  Aichele from Berlin; the author and publisher Christian Felber as well as the political scientist Univ. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brand; the president of Reporters without Border Austria and long term ORF editor Dr. Rubina Möhring, the danish documentary film maker Karsten Kjaer and many other people who are concerned with and engaged in the topic of democracy.

As in previous years the music line up of this year´s festival is representative of current developments in electronic music scenes worldwide. Leading artists and labels are featured and for most it is their first appearance in Austria and for some even in Europe. For her Austrian premier, BBC’s Mary Anne Hobbs will curate, as well as perform in, a special dubstep night. DJ Scotch Egg from Japan will present a night full of US-american noise- and avantgarde bands. A broad spectrum of musical styles guarantees a wide range of listening and dancing experiences. 

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