Avant-Dubbist, Dokkebi Q is a London based Japanese electro punk duo band formed at the end of 2006. While living in the inspirational place Dalston, East London, they found an appreciation and understanding for 'black rebel music' which has formed the basis of the Dokkebi Q sound. With Gorgonn's attacking DSP mashed and hybridized together with Kiki's bewitchingly smoky and dreamlike vocals, Dokkebi bring forth their own 'Roots'. They are the judgement of nature born of society's hunger for manufactured commodities. In the form of their street style pop songs Dokkebi Q bring the real world illumination of the beast to the human race. They skew dub sound into hyper-extream hybrid mutantic dub with heavy bass, glitch and chaotic psychedelia. Dokkebi Q already shared a stage with Shackleton, Duran Duran Duran, Bass Clef, Kode 9, Digital Mystikz, Vex┬┤d and Benga, to name a few, and featured festivals such as Glade in UK.

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