Ray Okpara

Ray Okpara, an artist whose roots lie half in Nigeria, represents today for what we understand as House: percussions, drifty hypnotic beats, with a touch of soul and, if the atmosphere allows, marvelously deep. While earlier in time he connected more to Hip-Hop, Funk and Soul, the encounter with his long-time friend Johnny D. awoke his strong interest in electronic music.Driven by the fascination and love for music, Ray and Johnny began with the first joint event, the Rajo party. In 2001, Nick Curly became part of Rajo - Crew, which then formed the residency in the Loft. Influenced heavily by the electronic motion Ray brought his technoid side into his sets, without drasticall disconnecting from his origins. Afterwards further projects were created, such as the Zoo-Club, whose doors were opened from 2004 to 2005, and other party ranks, that enthused fans. In order to gather new impressions and to develop musically and in life, he moved to Berlin in March 2005. Here first experiences in the direction of his own productions were accomplished. Separate tracks or remixes for Johnny D. on Oslo & 8Bit, for Italoboyz on Get Physical prepared him slowly for his first EP Fumnaya on Lomidhigh Lmtd. Further publications on Arearemote and Drumpoet followed. This year he brought out two EPs: Brothers on Oslo Records and Ebele on Cécille. In his appearances he knows how to bring the crowd to ecstasy with his dynamic and positive appearance. 

He never lost the contact with his crowd at home; therefore it is no surprise that he returned to the squares-city of Mannheim after four years in Berlin where he is currently preparing his first live act, planned for 2010, and working on further remixes and new ideas.


Artist info

Label: Cécille Records, Oslo Records
Array: DE
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