Reflector, the guitar-drum-kit-roll from Graz, evokes the by now 12 year old punk soul of metal avant-garde. Walls of sound are piled up heavily, sedately, and powerfully, yet also mediated by a kind of raw punk that comes through repetitive abrasiveness and enormous pressure. The sound is a largely instrumental, independently innovative, and diversified rock music. Reflector pulls off a sombe metal element with components of irate noise-rock entirely through the use of drum kit and guitar. The duo understands that despite or maybe because of its reduced orchestration, the most essential parts of the music are distilled from the essence of rock, if you will. That is to say: a pure, unbridled, and altogether broken down energy. A band that friends of discerning rock music should not, on any account, miss out on.

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Label: Rock Is Hell Records , Interstellar
Array: AT
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