Before the electro-infused indie and post-rock of today, there was Seefeel; a UK based electronic-rock outfit halfway between the often connected worlds of British indie rock and experimental techno. Begun as a standard rock band in early 1992, the quartet soon grew bored within the restraints of normal musical forms and started working with loops and programs rather than lyrics and choruses. After releasing their first EPs and first album on the British independent label Too Pure in 1993, their music being stylistically situated at the intersection of dream pop/shoegaze and ambient techno/IDM, the band signed with electronic label Warp Records in 1994, after which point Seefeel's music became much darker and more abstract. Back in the early to mid ninties Seefeel sounded like nothing else at the time and, in the wake of countless contemporaries, still sound fresh and unique today to those who would newly discover their timeless work. (CH-VOX), published in 1996 on Rephlex, was Seefeel's most recent and likely final release. Seefeel performed their last live concert with the original lineup in October 1997 alongside Boards of Canada. As creative tensions mounted, the members of Seefeel parted ways to explore other avenues of musical creativity and continued to release new material under different aliases and projects. As of 2008, after a decade of inactivity, Seefeel have partially reformed (with DJ Scotch Egg filling in for Daren Seymour on bass and former Boredoms drummer E-Da filling in for Justin Fletcher) for a gig in Paris on 8 May 2009 during Warp20, a series of musical galas celebrating 20 years of Warp Records. In May 2009, Seefeel remixed the track Chain for U.S. band School of Seven Bells as part of their My Cabal EP on the Ghostly International label.




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Label: Too Pure, Warp Records
Array: GB
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