French Fries
French Fries

French Fries

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Native to South America, living in the south of Paris, inspired by southern rap, French Fries developed his own version of club music. Resident DJ at 14, first release at 16, first hit at 18 with the worldwide acclaimed Arma EP, the now 20 year old co-founder of ClekClekBoom Recordings keeps working hard. Late in 2011, he released his Champagne / Hugz EP on his own label that had been charted in the Beatport Top10, while putting the finishing touches to his Yo Vogue EP out on Dirty Bird in March 2012. Sharing his time between his studio, his office and touring all around the world, he's more focused than ever, installing a solid base for a long lasting career. Be ready for some Paris Club Music soon!


Samstag, 27 Okt

01:45 - 03:15


Label: ClekClekBoom , YounGunZ