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Once upon a time there lived a man who lived on a planet called planet music. And on this planet there were many nations, and each nation had a king or president. These leaders had absolute power over their people. Through rhythm they controlled the minds of many, through soul they controlled the force, of the universe...
He said:
"If you vote for me I gonna deliver you more bass, more soul, longer hours on the dancefloor…
DJs who believe as we believe, I will take you to the mountain top,
I can make the sunrise take a little bit longer, fill the dancefloors just a little bit stronger,
All night long…
Clap yo' hands… All night long!"

Make love to the night mtf…
Make looove to the night!


Mittwoch, 24 Okt

03:30 - 06:00

Dom Im Berg

Label: G-More