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Outstanding Activism
Outstanding Activism

Activists are risk takers. Sometimes the risk is quite substantial.
But sometimes activism can be quite exciting too.
Three exceptional personalities share their stories:

UPDATE: Sarah Harrison cannot attend Elevate personally this year, because due to current developments at Wikileaks she is unable to travel to Graz.

At this panel we will be joined by her collegue from the Courage Foundation, Naomi Colvin. She is currently engaged in supporting the alleged hacker Laurie Love, fighting his extradition to the US. Naomi has also been part of the Occupy Wallstreet movment and the Free Chelsea Manning campaign in the UK and will share some of her experiences with the audience.

Ksenia Ermoshina from Saint Petersburg, Russia, has experiences in activism not only in her homeland, but also in Paris where she is finishing her PHD at the Center of Sociology of Innovations (MinesParisTech). She currently works for, a project working on a new cryptographic standard for secure communication for activists. She also organizes events in Paris, bringing together artists and critical thinkers.

The work of Katharina Nocun is focused on digital rights, democracy and organizing protests for progressive policies. In the last years, she has lead campaigns for various NGOs and movements all over Germany. As an ambassador for the Foundation of the Rights of Future Generations, she speaks out for intergenerational justice. Since 2012 she has been blogging at and she has been regularly publishing articles about her work and the state of democracy in Europe in various media outlets.

This session aims to shed a light on the personal motives and experiences of three outstanding activists. They will share their stories to inspire you.


Saturday, 22 Oct

20:00 - 21:30

Forum Stadtpark

Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz


Moderation: Daniel Erlacher (Elevate)

Free entry


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