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Bernd started djing in Graz in 1996 playing drum'n'bass & jungle. At the same time the first drum'n'bass club named 'Alien Bass' was initiated in Vienna by some friends and bernd joined the crew.

After djing with acts like James Lavelle, Kruder & Dorfmeister, A Guy Called Gerald, Dj Rush,... Bernd started producing on lo-fi equipment in 1997, bringing him to electro, and more experimental broken beats. At the moment his sets are techno or building from electro/2step to experimental beats. Not only electronic music is listed in his main influences but also raregroove/disco stuff, or guitar music from britpop to punk/rock.

Most of the time he's stuck in programming web projects, but time for producing, live performaces or dj acts is mostly availiable.