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Abe Duque got much of his early musical understanding from his dad who was a gifted musician and evangelical minister. Abe discovered Djing in the 80’s when he became obsessed with vinyl and electronic dance music production. He bought his first synthesizer with money from his newspaper route and played his keyboard in his dad’s church.

In the early 90’s Abe became the keyboardist for the then techno supergroup Program2. In 1993 Abe made a decision to start his record label TENSION. Tension has become a shining light illuminating the way for new paradigms and possibilities in electronic music, and sometimes for twisted stuff not even Abe understands.

In recent years Abe along with John Selway co-founded Rapture Records. Most recently abe started a new label called out of all things Abe Duque Records. And let us not fail to mention the madness that is Rancho Relaxo.
Abe has released his music on several labels such as, Tresor, Imago, State of mind, Warner Bros, Disko-b, Gigolo, Oval, V2, Vortex, Sähkö, Mainframe, Instinct, GiG, Tension, Abuse, Mille Plateaux, Sonic Groove & Rapture.

He has worked under a few different names such as: Abe Duque, Kirlian, Super Secret Symphony, Facil, and founded the Rancho Relaxo All-stars.

He has released works done together with the likes of Richard Dorfmeister, Jimmy Tenor, Blake Baxter, John Selway, Patrick Pulsinger and DJ HEll. As a dj Abe has travelled the world to play his music. From his once resident club Limelight in NYC to many stops around the globe.