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The Cribs

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You'd never have guessed that 3 brothers from Wakefield (no, us neither) would be the first band to successfully fuse The Smiths, The Supremes and Slim Moon? They could make a great living selling those hooks they turn out every day to lesser artistes but instead choose to spend their lives in a police riot van bringing their thing to the kids and making their heroes proud. The hardest working... [more]

Abe Duque

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Abe Duque got much of his early musical understanding from his dad who was a gifted musician and evangelical minister. Abe discovered Djing in the 80’s when he became obsessed with vinyl and electronic dance music production. He bought his first synthesizer with money from his newspaper route and played his keyboard in his dad’s church.

In the early 90’s Abe became the... [more]

eye-d and dj hidden

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Eye-D is a drum & bass DJ/producer from Goes, a small town in the south of the Netherlands. Eye-D released his first drum & bass record on Kultbox Records in 1998 and he has been one of the most successful producers from the Dutch scene ever since, with releases on seminal labels such as Ruff-Teck and Citrus and numerous collaborations with fellow Dutchmen DJ Hidden, Black Sun Empire and Noisa,... [more]

// zvonko ( / )

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Ein DJ, der es bevorzugt, das Publikum mehr zum Hören als zum Tanzen zu bewegen. Seine musikalische Auswahl besticht durch Abwechslung und viel Experimentelles. Und gerade diese Liebe zum Außergewöhnlichen ist es, was seine Sets einzigartig macht.  [more]


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Ana's background is mainly in independent film-production and includes running a video production company, a film and animation workshop and working for the BBC and Granada. She also has a background in teaching and running workshops on different aspects of film production, especially filmmaking for the Internet. Ana's previous job was working in the Computer Studies, Mathematics and Engineering... [more]


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depattern designs digital pictures and transmit them through media channels. The vj-system was founded in late 2003 and has since played shows at clubs, media labs. and art shows. through an experimental process

depattern creates new,fast, and anti- entropic mediascapes in the time of the digital revolution.




Any Maniac

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Any Maniac is a young musician from Graz, who already started to work on music in the tender age of 9. Lessons on the keyboard started to get him into music and in 1993 he even signed on for some guitar lessons. He got into electronic music in 1996 and fell in love with it after his brother got his first computer. “Screamtracker” – one of the pioneer tracker software on the PC was one of the... [more]


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"All hell breaks loose when Rotator steps the stage of breakbeat holocaust, it's the sound of a man so frightfully piercing your eardrums while at the same time tickling your bellybutton with shivers of excitement... or is it the collision claps of harddisk rock and tumbling waterfalls of amen galore will make your feet start stomping the ground?

Either way, this music makes you wanna jump up or... [more]


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Parasite is Armin Elsaesser - musician/sound designer, record label manager (Death$ucker Records), online record shop owner (dSWAT.net), club promoter (Toxic Dancehall), and recently full-time father. Born is Eureka (California) and currently living in Bristol (UK), "I work out of my home studio on various music projects as well as part-time web site administrator for "plugincinema.com", which... [more]

// Hecate ( / )

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Head mistress of Zhark International, Rachael Kozak, lives to annihilate the constructs of the innocuous trends of modern music by confronting them with substance and emotion. Creating a portal to the unspeakable abyss on a multitude of allied labels, Hecate has released over 30 records which makes her by far the most prolific female producer in hard electronic music. Thoroughly immersed in the... [more]

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