// Andy Stott

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Andy Stott’s ascent has been astonishingly quick and gained early momentum as his unique blend of crisp beats and fragile melodies combined to mint a sound that was informed by a spectrum of styles, yet remained charmingly idiosyncratic in execution. Rising to prominence on a similar trajectory to Modern Love’s Claro Intelecto, Andy Stott’s evolution as an artist seems entwined alongside his label-mate – with the pair recently beginning to play live together and there are even rumours of a collaborative recording venture in the works. His debut album Merciless displayed a musical vocabulary that took in everything from gnarled dubstep with solipsistic strings, through to treated Piano works and Minimal techno variations. Stott quashes the age-old adage that a jack-of-all-trades is a master of none, conquering a myriad of styles whilst instilling each piece with a distinctive fingerprint that marks them out as his own.

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