// Bloody Cartoons (DK/2007)

Karsten Kjaer mit dem Iraner Ali Bakshi (aus Bloody Cartoons)

>> Fr. 26.10.2007 >> Dom Im Berg >> 15:00

by Karsten Kjaer, Denmark 2007, 52 Min

What do Danish cartoons tell us about contemporary democracy? A lot it seems. Freedom of expression has always been a core principle of democracy. Imagining one without the other is unthinkable to most people. But what happens when one democratic right infringes on the rights of others? Since the furore of the Danish cartoons it is clear that not everyone agrees with the idea of limitless freedom.

The director films in Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Qatar, France, Turkey and Denmark, talking to some of the people that played key roles during the cartoon crisis. Bloody Cartoons is a documentary about how and why 12 drawings in a Danish provincial paper could whirl a small country into a confrontation with Muslims all over the world. He asks whether respect for Islam combined with the heated response to the cartoons is now leading us towards self-censorship. How tolerant should we be, he wonders, of the intolerant. And what limits should there be, if any, to freedom of speech in a democracy.

After The Screening Karsten Kjaer will be answering questions and talking about the production of the film! He will also participate in the panel discussion starting 18.00 CET at Dom im Berg.