// Breaking Underground

 >> Sat.27.10.2007 20:15 - 22:00  @ Forum Stadtpark / Ground Floor

Guest: Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC - Radio 1,  London)
Host: Dj Izc (dunsquare radio, Vienna)

"Dubstep is the fastest growing and most beloved underground scene in the UK right now. The scene is so unique both musically and culturally. The sound is so fluid it’s being infused with influences from all over the musical spectrum. In fact the only way a producer really makes a name in the scene is to deliver a completely unique interpretation of the dubstep sound.

The dedication to the dances FWD and DMZ which form the axis of the whole scene the significance of dubplate culture, producers building tunes which are frequently only ever heard in the clubs and the strong anti-piracy stance among fans which has helped to safeguard the work of producers, has seen this completely self-sufficient genre rise up and flourish, without any form of patronage from the commercial music industry.

The nature of the relationship between fans and artists and the way that the traditional degrees of seperation have been so dramatically reduced both on-line and in the flesh. As well as the producers there are so many dubstep lovers running the dances, labels, forums and blogs that form this cohesive community and it's their infectious passion that drives the march of Dubstep across the planet" (Marry Anne Hobbs)