Cynthia McKinney
(Foto © Wilford Harewood)
Ian Inaba

The Elevate festival 2007 addresses different critical views on the topic of democracy through a dense schedule of lectures, discussions, workshops and film screenings. It will be a gathering of forward thinking activists, authors and scientists as well as a playground for new ideas and projects.

The stage will be set for an open minded discourse and intellectual ex-change through talks from a combination of internationally acclaimed guests and local activists, as well as through public interaction in panels and discussions. Three topics over three days – "technology", "media and journalism" and "critique, theory and perspective" offer abundant opportunity for wide participation.

Guests include: the long term U.S. member of congress, Cynthia McKinney; **Professor Emeritus of computer science at MIT, critical thinker and author Prof. Dr. Joseph Weizenbaum**; Nieman Fellow in Journalism at Harvard University, and radio news Director turned CNN and Emmy Award winning ABC News Producer, Danny Schechter; filmmaker, Eminem video director, guerrillanews.com founder and activist Ian Inaba from New York; U.S. community Internet pioneer and wireless communication expert Sascha Meinrath; british author Dr. Richard Barbrook; net-activist and co-founder of ‘telepolis’ online magazine, Armin Medosch; the software developer and author  Corinna "Elektra"  Aichele from Berlin; the author and publisher Christian Felber as well as the political scientist Univ. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brand; the president of Reporters without Border Austria and long term ORF editor Dr. Rubina Möhring, the danish documentary film maker Karsten Kjaer and many other people who are concerned with and engaged in the topic of democracy.

*ALL events will be FREE OF CHARGE!


News: Unfortunately 84 year old Prof. Dr. Weizenbaum cancelled his appearance at the Elevate festival because of his medical condition.
The Elevate team wishes Mr. Weizenbaum all the best and a lot of strength!