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Bitz & Redstar
Bitz & Redstar

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2015 has been an amazing year for Bitz & Redstar, two producers and DJs from Graz, Austria. After the release of their "Winelight EP" on Vienna's very own First Music label, Bitz & Redstar were quick to step up their game with the release of their first full album, again via First Music, this past summer. Entitled "Pacific Tools" the album comprises 8 one-of-a-kind jams the duo produced in extended recording session during a one-month stay on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

The two true house heads deliver everything from atmospheric, Roland 106-induced Deep House Tunes to French House inspired Disco bangers. The signature tool-oriented 909 beats, hence, interweave the summer vibe of the album with the feeling of their DJ sets. At the moment Bitz & Redstar work on their first Mix CD, which is set for release via First Music at the end of this year.


Donnerstag, 22 Okt

02:30 - 06:00

Dom Im Berg

Bitz & Redstar (at)
First Music

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