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DJ Funk
DJ Funk

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DJ Funk started producing in the mid-90’s and set out to pioneer the genre ghetto house. Out of his Chicago studio he creates the perfect balance between Hip Hop Music and House Music. With more than forty EP to its credit on Dance Mania, Underground Construction, Pro-Jex or Funk Records, his own label, he’s known to be a major influence of many different artists such as Daft Punk or Basement Jaxx. He is the biggest representative of the ghetto house scene throughout the world and smashes every continent with his hysterical, fun sets. 

His 2012 three tracks EP, with big bass drum hits and DJ Funks' devilishly efficient gimmicks, underlines his strong will to put back Booty Music within the heart of the international club scene. With Fuck Dat Ass, DJ Funk shows from the very start his large range of talents, from composing powerful beats or to chant his lyrics within the pure tradition of Hip-House from Chicago, Three Fine Hoes and its epic and explicit melody is sized to wreck any dance floors. Titties & Beer sums up Big Daddy Funk’s ability to make life’s pleasure ghetto house anthems within the most simple and efficient way which most biggest world’s DJ’s envy. With its 20th release Booty Call Records confirms its position as the Booty Bass music label of reference. The King of Booty is definitely back in the charts. PUMP IT, WORK IT SHAKE DAT’ SUPER BOOTY!!!!!!!!



Freitag, 23 Okt

03:00 - 04:30 - live

Dom Im Berg

DJ Funk (us)
Dance Mania

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