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Etienne Jaumet
Etienne Jaumet

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Etienne Jaumet is also know for the formation Zombie Zombie and part of the bands Flop and The Married Monk. He has recorded with just about everyone across the French, international and indie alt folk world. He worked with artists including The Moldy Peaches, Daniel Johnston, Lou Barlow, Adam Green and Herman Dune. His album Night Music, released on Versatile Records, was mixed by Carl Craig. Etienne is a music ethusiast, fanatic about free jazz and new wave as well as his musical toys. His work reaches from post-folk to deep house with loops and hypnotism at the core.


Samstag, 24 Okt

01:00 - 02:00 - live

Dom Im Berg

Etienne Jaumet (fr)
Versatile Records

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