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Moony Me
Moony Me

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Eduardo A. Arreaza, aka Moony Me, is a german-venezuelan producer and DJ based in Munich/Vienna. He started producing music in 2007 and has since released tracks and remixes for Uncanny Valley, These Days Records, Toy Tonics and Apparel Music.. Collaborations and remixes have been contributed by/with established and upcoming artists such as Argy, Quell, Mr. Statik, Roman Rauch, Rhode & Brown, Woodcut, Nachtbraker and Sarp Yilmaz, just to name a few.

As a DJ Moony Me is co-founder and member of the Graz-based collective "Maesonic" and also of Munich's „bonMoustache!“ The music selection in his DJ/Live sets ranges from the atmospheric, deep and slow over disco to more ravy and uplifting House and Techno. Steady sophisticated and dreamy.


Samstag, 24 Okt

22:00 - 23:30

Dom Im Berg

Moony Me (at)
Apparel Music

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