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Charles Kriel
Charles Kriel

[Biografie vorerst nur in Englisch verfügbar]

Charles was born in the back of a circus wagon. An author, photographer and journalist, he now travels to war zones promoting free press. He is also the Co-Founder of Lightful, a publishing platform for civil society organizations.

After running away from the circus, he became a DJ and journalist, eventually landing at BBC Radio 1 with Ibiza as his turf.

Charles travels to frozen conflict zones promoting free press, most recently in Ukraine and Iraq. His most recent mission was building a radio station for women and refugees behind ISIS frontlines.

In his other life Charles is an Emmy-nominated Game Designer. He was the UN’s UK National Expert in New Media. And although he can still juggle, he no longer wears big shoes.


Samstag, 24 Okt

Lightful! Yes!

10:00 - 18:00


Charles Kriel (uk)

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